About MVW Nutritionals

MVW Nutritionals is a privately held company, with the mission of providing leading edge quality nutritional supplements and vitamins for persons who have cystic fibrosis and other gastrointestinal disorders. Our goal is to deliver exceptional products and service where quality and dependability are important. We are committed to this mission, providing quality and dependability at a reasonable price.

Our products are manufactured at certified cGMP facilities to meet the guidelines set out by FDA. Routine testing occurs and every product receives a Certificate of Analysis (“COA”) upon release by the Quality Assurance team. In addition to making sure that each product meets its label claim when released, products also undergo stability testing to provide the confidence that the levels of vitamins and minerals needed in your care are consistent with the label through product expiration. We believe this is important, as we seek to ensure the highest standard of quality control from our manufactures for our customers.