Where to Buy with Wholesaler Chart and No Special Programs

Are they available through my CF Specialty Pharmacy?
Our complete line of products are stocked by most of the CF Specialty Pharmacies across the country.

How are local pharmacists getting MVW Complete Formulation products through their wholesalers?
The Order Entry Numbers for MVW Nutritional Multivitamins – chewables, standard softgels, chewables and softgels with higher D, and drops are reflected in the chart below:

Where to Buy with Wholesaler Chart and No Special Programs
  1. Advise the pharmacist that the three major wholesalers – McKesson, ABC and Cardinal – have assigned order entry numbers for products that may be ordered through their respective wholesale distribution centers.
  2. The pharmacist should enter the number in their order entry system. If their local distribution center has already stocked the desired product, the order will process and product will arrive at to the pharmacist with the next shipment from the wholesaler – normally one to two days.
  3. If the local distribution center has never stocked the product, the order entry system will display one of two error messages: product discontinued, manufacturer backorder. Should the pharmacist get either of these two messages, they must CALL their local distribution center, provide the item number, and request that they stock the product. Distributors call this “activating an item” or “bringing the item in”. NOTE: Only an item with an assigned order entry can be activated at the local distribution center level in this manner.
  4. For products without an item number, the local distribution center must call their corporate office, and request that corporate assign an item number.
  5. If the pharmacist is (i) less than co-operative, or (ii) has questions, please call our toll-free number – (855) CF-MULTI – and we be happy to assist in this process.