Where to Buy


Where to Buy in the United States

Are the MVW vitamins available through any special programs?

Yes, they are available through the AbbVie CF Care Forward program


and the Pharmaceutical Specialties Breathe Free program


Ask about other program availability.

Are they available through my CF Specialty Pharmacy?

Our complete line of products are stocked by most of the CF Specialty Pharmacies across the country.

How are local pharmacists getting MVW Complete Formulation products through their wholesalers?

The Order Entry Numbers for the MVW Nutritionals multivitamins – chewables,

standard softgels, softgels with ADDED D, and drops are listed in the following chart:

1. Advise the pharmacist that the three major wholesalers – McKesson, ABC and Cardinal – have assigned order entry numbers for stocking the products.

2. The pharmacist should FIRST enter the number in their order entry system. If their LOCAL DISTRIBUTION CENTER has already stocked the desired product, the order will process and product will arrive at to the pharmacist with the next shipment from the wholesaler – normally one to two days.

3. If this is the first time any pharmacy has ordered our products through that LOCAL DISTRIBUTION CENTER, the product will show as not available and the pharmacist will need to call their wholesale distributor representative. The pharmacist should provide the distribution center representative with the Order Entry Number for the desired product, and the wholesaler can “bring the product in” by placing an order with MVW Nutritionals.

4. In the event the wholesaler representative is (i) less than co-operative, or (ii) has questions, please call our toll free number and we will assist in this process.