02 Oct 2017

NEW MVW Complete Formulation® PROBIOTIC

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Huntsville, AL: Today, MVW Nutritionals announced the addition of a proprietary probiotic blend to its product line to support digestive health and the body’s ability to absorb nutrients. This product will be launched at the 2017 North American Cystic Fibrosis Conference. Key product attributes include:

  • The Novel Prebiotic PreforPro® to support the growth of healthy bacteria through a novel mechanism – one that is not fiber or starch-based – by destabilizing the cell wall of “bad bacteria”. PreforPro works in hours and not days, like traditional prebiotics; and functions in both the small and large intestine
  • 40 Billion CFUs and 11 Strains to provide a broad spectrum of benefits
  • Gastrointestinal and Heat Stable DE111® to support healthy gut microflora by “crowding out” bacterial pathogens, and has the ability to form spores that protect microbes from harsh conditions until reaching an environment ripe for germination

If you are attending the NACF Conference, please stop by Booth #517 for information about this new addition to the MVW Nutritionals product line – MVW Complete Formulation PROBIOTIC.

Also, Zach Breeding, MS, RDN, LDN, FAND is scheduling “Peer to Peer Discussions” in the Exhibit Hall. These small group forums (2-6 people) will provide for a more in-depth discussion of the product, the literature around probiotic use, and clinical studies conducted in patients with cystic fibrosis. Please feel free to contact Zach directly at zacharibreeding@gmail.com to review the schedule and reserve a time to “Meet With The RD’s”.

In the event that you will not be attending this year’s meeting in Indianapolis, but would like information about the MVW Complete Formulation PROBIOTIC, please email us at info@mvwnutritionals.com or call (855) CF-MULTI so we can forward an information packet and sample of the product.

We look forward to an exciting meeting and the opportunity to better support your needs through this exciting new product offering.

To reserve a “Peer to Peer Discussion” time, please email Zach at: zacharibreeding@gmail.com
To request product information, please email: info@mvwnutritionals.com
For all other questions, please contact Mike Walters at either mike@mvwnutritionals.com or
(855) CF-MULTI/(855) 236-8584