25 Jul 2013

MVW Nutritionals: People Familiar with Cystic Fibrosis Care Launch a New CF-Specific Multivitamin

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MVW Complete Formulation Softgels

Huntsville, AL – July 17, 2013 – MVW Nutritionals announced today the introduction of MVW Complete Formulation Softgels.

MVW Complete Formulation Softgels were formulated to meet the daily supplemental vitamin recommendations outlined in the CF Foundation Consensus Statement published in 2002; the recommendations for vitamin D as described in the 2011 Endocrine Society Clinical Practice Guidelines; and vitamin K as recommended by the 2002 European CF Society Nutrition Consensus Report.

“MVW Nutritionals engaged the expertise of a dietitian recognized for her work in CF nutrition in developing a formulation that reflected current thinking”, offered Mike Walters, as he spoke of Suzanne Michel.  In addition, Melanie Vandiver, a familiar name to many families within the CF Community, joins MVW Nutritionals to manage operations and customer care.  “It’s a strong team, from concept and development, to education and fulfillment” added Walters.

To learn more about the MVW Complete Formulation Softgels, please talk to your AbbVie Representative or visit the MVW Nutritionals website at www.mvwnutritionals.com.

Products are manufactured at certified cGMP facilities to meet current guidelines set out by FDA. Routine testing occurs and every product receives a Certificate of Analysis (“CoA”) prior to release by the Quality Assurance team.  In addition to making sure each product meets its label claim when released, products are also subjected to stability testing to provide the added confidence that the supplemental vitamins and minerals needed are available throughout the life of the product.  We believe this is important, as MVW Nutritionals seeks to provide a high standard of quality in the products we manufacture for this community.

We look forward to serving the CF Community with this first product, the MVW Nutritionals Softgel, and look forward to introductions of a chewable form and pediatric drop.

About MVW Nutritionals

A privately held company, MVW Nutritionals is committed to providing quality products at reasonable prices for those with CF and other gastrointestinal disorders.

MVW Nutritionals is located in the Hudson-Alpha Biotechnology Center in Huntsville, Alabama.  For more information, visit MVW Nutritionals’ website at www.mvwnutritionals.com.